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It began with an inner tube and a peach basket...


Back in 1959 Piseco sailors Don Wilcock, George Ramage and George Brownlow noticed each other skippering over the lake in their sailing Comets and Rebels, and as anybody could have predicted, a race broke out. Temporary buoys, cobbled together from inner tubes and peach baskets, hit the water in 1960 and on July 1, 1961, the Piseco Yacht Club was born.


It’s been running races every year since, with an ever-evolving cast of boats, characters and stories to tell at the annual (early July) club picnic and the annual (late

August) awards dinner/cocktail party.


Current boat-choice favorites include a squadron of 19-foot Flying Scots, a way-too-fast wooden Thistle, Hobie Cats of various sizes and descriptions, a racy MC Scow, a Flying Dutchman and a bobbing flotilla of Sunfish. On any given day, a well-sailed Sunfish can take home all the marbles, if we had any marbles, so you owe it to yourself to come out and have your share of the fun. 


Or just come out and watch. Cheer. Heckle, even. You'll be racing before you know it. 

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