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All races will start promptly at 2:00 PM, unless somebody we like is running late. Unless otherwise noted, two races will run consecutively starting at 2:00 PM each Saturday, with provisional (Saturday races didn't run due to weather, etc.) races on Sunday. Senior Regatta runs on both Saturday and Sunday.

June 24          T. Tys                            Founder’s Cup – 2 VCR’s (Bring flowers) <1

June 25          T. Tys                            Alternate Date for Founder’s Cup


July 1            D. Belleville                  Arietta Sesquicentennial 2 VCR’s <2

July 2             D. Belleville                  Alternate date for Arietta Sesquicentennial 

July 4.                                             Parade of Boats. 11AM, Poplar Point Launch Ramp <9


July 8            No Race                        David Ford Poker Run (10:30-1:30) <3

July 8                                                    PYC Picnic    <4                           

July 9            F.  Sczerzenie               2 VCRs <5

July 15           Chips Arend                 2 VCRs     

July 16           Chips Arend                 Alternative Date for 7/15     

July 16                                                Sail Around The Lake 1PM  <10


July 22           T. Ford                          2 VCRs

July 23           R. Cooley                      Sunfish bowl (for all ages) 2 races. Alternate date TBD

July 24                                                 Art Withington’s ashes to be spread? Chips?


July 29          P. Belleville                   2 VCRs

July 29                                                 Moonlight Kayak Paddle 7:30PM <11

July 31           P. Belleville                  Alternate Date for 7/29


Aug. 5           M. and G. Hyde            Senior Regatta – 2 VCRs <6

Aug. 6           J. Belleville                    Senior Regatta – 2 VCRs <6


Aug. 12          P. McIlroy                      2 VCRs 

Aug. 13          P. McIlroy                      Alternative Date for 8/12

Aug 13.                                                  Rain date for Sail Around The lake            


2024  Season Begins


Aug. 19         J. Fisher                          2 VCRs <7

Aug. 19                                                 Awards Cocktail Party 6:00 PM <8

Aug. 20         J. Fisher                         Alternative Date for 8/19


Aug 26         D. Belleville              2 VCR’s

Aug 27         D. Belleville              Alternative Date for 8/26


Footnotes to Schedule:


Most races are scheduled on Saturday only, but if the Saturday race is cancelled for any reason, such as thunder, lightning, absence of wind, too much wind, etc., the race will be held on Sunday.  Each sailor must decide for him or her self if it is safe to race. 


The Committee Boat person responsible for the cancelled Saturday race must do the race on the alternate date (Sunday).  


We ask the Committee Boat personal to take digital pictures to share:  Please email them to Tiff Ford: as soon as possible, for articles and photos to be seen on this website, and on the Piseco Yacht Club Facebook Page:

 <1 Please bring flowers to honor the deceased members celebrated by the Founders’ Cup Race. It is a tradition for the sailors to toss the flowers in the water at the start of the race.

<2 The Arietta Sesquicentennial Race is scheduled for July 2 and consists of 2 races.

<3 The David Ford Memorial Poker Run is scheduled for July 9.  There will be no races on this day.

<4 The PYC picnic is on July 8 at 6:00 PM at Frank and Mary Sczerzenie’s camp.  Please bring a dish to pass.  PYC will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, soft drinks, beer, wine, plates and utensils for $5.00 per person.  A meeting will be held at the picnic.

<5 There are 2 races scheduled for Sunday July 9 to make up for no races on July 8..

<6 The Senior Regatta consists of 4 races and will be held on August 5 and 6. If cancelled for any reason, it will be held on the next regularly scheduled race date.

< 7  The 2022 season begins with 2 VCR races on August 19.

<8  The Awards Party will be held on August 19 at 6:00 PM at Roy and Jan Cooley’s camp, located at the first driveway on your left, east of Bark Hill Rd. off Rt. 8.  Please bring hors d’oeuvres/desserts to pass.  Alcoholic beverages are “Bring Your Own”.  A meeting will be held at the party.

<9  The Parade of Boats on July 4 begins at 11AM leaving from Poplar Point.  Decorate motor boats in a July 4th theme and cruise around the lake.   Prizes awarded.  This event is open to nonmembers as well and is free.

<10  The Sail Around the Lake on July 16 begins at 1PM leaving from Poplar Point.  This event is open to nonmembers as well and is free.  Faster boats are encouraged to stick with slower boats.  

<11  The Moonlight Kayak Paddle on July 29 begins at 7:30PM leaving from Poplar Point.  Be sure to tape a flashlight on the back of your boat, wear a life jacket, have a loud whistle and tow line.  S’mores and a bonfire afterwards.  It is advisable to transport your boat to the launch to avoid paddling home alone in the dark. This event is open to nonmembers as well and is free.  

Committee Boat personnel – Please take digital pictures and e-mail to Tiff Ford

Buoy Assignments:


#2                 David Belleville

#3                 David Belleville

#4                 Frank Sczerzenie

#5, 5A, 5B      Chips Arend and Roy Cooley

#6                 Tiff Ford

#7                 Jon Belleville

#8                 Gary Hyde

#9                 Gary Hyde



The buoys were handled in September, 2022 as follows:


 2, 3, and 7         David Belleville

 4 and 6             Frank Sczerzenie

 5, 5A, 5B, 8,9     Tiff Ford, John Fisher, Gary Hyde

“You haven’t won the race, if in winning the race you’ve lost the respect of your competition.” 


  • Paul Elvstrom, former Olympic Finn Champion

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