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My name is Tom "Quick Thistle" Tys, and I am the 2020 Commodore of the Piseco Yacht Club. "Commodore" sounds pretty impressive: what it means is that I get to wear the official "Commodore Tie" during our infrequent meetings. 


The Piseco Yacht Club is a fun, casual sailing club that started back in 1961, 58 years ago. We race on weekends and holidays during the summer. We come from different walks of life; we have different levels of sailing skills—some of us are not very skilled at all. But what we share is love for Piseco Lake, sailing and camaraderie.


We sail different classes of boats - mostly Sunfish, Flying Scots, Hobie Cats, Flying Dutchmen and a variety of others—if it has sails, you can race it.  We use a fair handicap scoring system so that race results are "equalized", so even smaller, slower boats—say, that Sunfish under your deck—can win.


We see lots of sailing boats moored on Piseco—especially that Nacra 5.5 on the ramp on September 8.  If you own a boat, or can borrow one, please come and join us  at the next race—you don't need to be an Olympic sailor—or even a PYC member—to try it out for a couple races. You will find it to be a great experience; you will polish your sailing skills and make new friends at the same time. Your teenaged children are also welcome: we have Junior Sunfish regattas for them.


If you want to give it a try, just come out at 2 PM on Saturdays and some Sundays—check the schedule page—to our starting line, at buoy #5, off the southeast point of Higgins Bay.


We have a couple of get-together events during the summer - a picnic in July (July 13 this year) and an awards ceremony dinner in August (August 24).


We are looking forward to meeting you and sailing with you.


Tom Tys, Commodore, Piseco Yacht Club



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