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Tom Tys wins 2018 Variety Class, Starts Shopping for Manly Flying Scot

The 2018 Piseco Yacht club season came to a happy ending on Saturday, August 25, with the Awards dinner held at Leroy and Jan Cooley's exclusive Pizza Shack and Great Camp. Gentle boasting, subtle bragging, beer, wine and homemade pizzas, created in the Cooley's towering stone pizza oven, made the event highly memorable, up until the point where the beer really kicked in.

Tom Tys collected the Variety Class season trophy, as well as the Commodore's special tie, as he assumed the club leadership for the 2019-2020 seasons. Chips Arend retired after a wonderful, slightly cranky run as the 2017-2018 Commodore. Tom Tys was strongly encouraged to sink his annoyingly fast Thistle, buy a Flying Scot, and come out and fight like a real man, but with limited effect.

The 2018 season included what may well be the largest fleet to ever start a PYC race in its glorious 58-year history, with 15 boats lining up for the Sunfish Bowl, won handily by David Belleville. Following his overall win in the Variety Class for 2017, Peter McIlroy took home the Sunfish fleet trophy for the 2018 season.

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