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Big Wind, Big Turnout as Frank Sczerzenie, Roy Cooley Swap Wins

The wind gods smiled again as the 7/18/2020 VCRs saw great, more-or-less steady 10-15 mph winds from the west/southwest, with 11 boats starting in both races. With David and Linda Belleville on the committee boat, Race 1 saw Frank Sczerzenie take an early lead toward buoy 6 and never look back, sailing smooth and flat in the healthy wind, with Tom Tys' Thistle and Tiff Ford's Scot scrambling to match Frank and crew David's pace. Ford finished 3rd on the water but edged ahead of Tom Tys to take 2nd after handicaps, with Roy Cooley and his Aero 5 capturing 4th. Paul Belleville, on a new, less-leaky Sunfish hull, beat Peter McIlroy's 'fish for 5th, with Rebecca Belleville (Sunfish) beating her Dad Jon and Mom Kathy on their slick Flying Dutchman after handicaps.

Race 2 got off with more than the usual dose of confusion, with a couple boats over the line early, and a "You're barging", "No, I'm not" disagreement and protest between Tiff Ford and Frank Sczerzenie before the start (results pending protest-committee meeting and decision). Tiff Ford sneaked off into the lead and caught some good shifts to lead the fleet to windward buoy 6 by a healthy margin, with Tom Tys, Frank Sczerzenie, Jon and Kathy Belleville and Roy Cooley chasing him on the long downwind to buoy 3. While next to Ford's Scot, Tom Tys momentarily lost his tiller in a jibe, bumped into Ford and earned himself a couple 360-degree penalty turns, and Jon and Kathy Belleville took an unplanned excursion toward shore after rounding the mark, leaving Ford in the lead again, marveling at his luck. Ford managed to stay ahead of a resurgent Frank Sczerzenie at the 5B line, but Roy Cooley's Aero 5 wound winning after handicaps, with Tiff Ford 2nd and Peter McIlroy 3rd. The Belleville-family sweepstakes continued with Paul 5th, Rebecca 9th and Jon and Kathy 11th. Gary Hyde and Doug McIlroy swapped places on their Sunfish, with Gary beating Doug for 7th in the first race, and Doug getting his revenge by taking 7th, just ahead of Gary, in Race 2.

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