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Roy Cooley, Frank Sczerzenie, Peter McIlroy Fly In Heavy Wind.

After last weeks' Race 2, with its 0.2 mph average wind, the Sunday, July 12 VCRs gave many sailors as at least as much wind than they had asked for. Chips Arend and David Belleville on the committee boat hung out the "Heavy Wind" sign before the start—as if we on the water didn't know we were getting gusts over 15mph. Frank Sczerzenie in his Scot, Roy Cooley with his big-wind Aero 5 sail, and Tom Tys on his Thistle battled it out not the water, heading to buoy 7 in a SW wind, with Tiff Ford (Scot) not far behind, and Peter McIlroy lurking in the wings, silently calculating his extra handicap over the faster boats. After handicaps (Roy gets a great 96 handicap with his Aero 5 sail), it was Roy, Frank, and Peter placing 1,2,3.

Race 2 had an unusual (and fun) course of 7, 4, 5B, and the same suspects stood out. Roy Cooley took the win on the water and after handicap, with Peter McIlroy 2nd and Frank Sczerzenie 3rd on the final score sheet. Commodore Tom and crew John Fisher took a hit in the overall variety class standings, with 2 6th-place finishes, turning the season's race into a real cat fight, with Roy Cooley, Frank Sczerzenie and Peter McIlroy all becoming serious contenders.

Ten boats started Race 1, and nine started Race 2, with the Belleville families doing their part to keep the starting line packed and the score sheet full. Paul Belleville took a great 5th in Race 1, Jon Belleville took break from his Flying Flying Dutchman on his Sunfish, and Doug McIlroy aced the "Over 80" class with a great 5th in Race 2.

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