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Part 1: Peter McIlroy Edges Paul Belleville in Hot, Heavy-Wind Sunfish Bowl.

The Yellow-and-Black "Wind-Over-15 MPH" flag was flying from Roy and Jan Cooley's committee boat, but that didn't tell any of the 11 intrepid Sunfish skippers anything they didn't already know. Wind had bee projected at 16 mph, with gusts to 25, but by race time things had settled down to a pretty steady 15-mph dull roar.

Paul Belleville and Tiff Ford got great starts and led the upwind leg to buoy 7, with Peter McIlroy, Tom Tys and Rebecca Belleville in (very) wet pursuit. Commodore Tom fell back into the clutches of the pack after a miffed buoy rounding, and P. McIlroy used his skill, experience and trim figure to overhaul Ford on the reach to 6. Peter was on the fly, but Paul's lead was too great to overcome, with Ford 3rd, Rebecca B. and friend 4th, Russel Belleville 5th and a young PYC returnee, Elizabeth Sczerzenie, a strong 6th. Ageless Doug McIlroy pipped Michael Belleville for 7th, with Gary Hyde, Frank Sczerzenie and returning rookie Luke Van Meter bringing up the rear.

For More, See "Sunfish Bowl Part 2".

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