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Frank Sczerzenie, David Belleville take 2019 Season Trophies

The last race of the season was marked by, for once, semi-predictable winds from the usually predictable southwest, though threatening clouds and oncoming lightning caused the second race to be canceled. Tiff Ford in his Scot miffed the start, hit buoy 5, and limped away from the line, only to walk away from the pack by staying in the middle, doing his penalty turn on the reach to 6, and not screwing up again. Frank Sczernenie, spinnaker flying, was second on the water, closely followed by David Belleville's crowded Scot and Peter McIlroy's Sunfish, but Peter's handicap moved him ahead of Frank in the results. John Fisher on a Sunfish, after a tough race with Gary Hyde, beat his usual Thistle skipper, Tom Tys, to the line, giving him ample bragging rights in the off season. And Doug McIlroy, who may have fought in the War of 1812, scored a strong fourth place, leaving everybody else glad we don't alter our handicaps for those over 80.

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