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Tom Tys, Doug McIlroy Stand Out in Quirky Arietta Sequicentennial

If you don't like the wind, especially on Piseco, just wait a hour. Then sit in your boat for another hour after it dies. The well-attended Race 1 (10 boats took the start) of the Arietta Sesquicentennial (snooty talk for "150th Anniversary) had decent wind from the north, and Doug McIlroy (Sunfish) and Tiff Ford (Scot), starting right at buoy 5B, slithered off into the distance toward Buoy 4, with Tom Tys (Thistle) in warm pursuit.

Mr Commodore's Flagship (Tom Tys and crew John Fisher) caught a nice shift sneaking up the east side and beat Ford, Jon Belleville and McIlroy to the upwind mark, with Tom winning the drag race on the water back to the finish line with Ford nipping Jon Bellville (Flying Dutchman, with crew Brian Belleville) at the line by a slim half a second. Roy Cooley and grandson, on a Sunfish-like Phantom, also did well. After handicapping, the win went to Ford, with Doug McIlroy 2nd, Tom Tys 3rd and Roy Cooley 4th.

Just as Ford was starting to think he was getting the hang of this sailing thing, the wind up and expired right at the start of race 2. Skippers who started on the 5b end of the line got a huge head start, with Tom Tys and Ford stuck in the middle with no wind, no clue and not much hope. Nevertheless, Tys' Slippery Thistle (Thistlely Slipple?) managed to sneak up, join and eventually pass the glacially moving pack, Doug McIlroy did an amazing job on his Sunfish to stay within striking distance, and the race (eventually) ended with Tom Tys 1st, Doug McIlroy 2nd, and Frank Sczerzenie (Scot) 3rd. Final places for the overall cup were Tom Tys 1st, Doug McIlroy 2nd, and Tiff Ford 3rd.

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